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Zanesfield Youth Soccer Association

Age Level Clarificaiton

The following information is based on the Ohio South Youth Soccer Association Age Group regulations for 2017 and beyond: (Age Group Matrix)

  • All age groups are based on a Calendar Year (No Longer August Birth date)

*For more information regarding Age Limits and Player Development Initiatives, please visit:


  • Your child's level of play will be determined by the OLDEST age your child will be at ANY time during the year of play

** If your child is 5 in January or turns 5 in November, they are eligible to play U7.

  • Levels of Play:
    • U11 or UNDER 11 (ages 9  & 10) - if your child is or will be 11 years old anytime during the year, they are NOT eligible to play for Zanesfield, but may contact or have your child collect information from Ben Logan Middle School about soccer opportunities.
    • U9 or UNDER 9 - (ages 7 & 8)
    • U7 or UNDER 7 - (ages 5 & 6)
    • U5 or UNDER 5 - (age 4 and younger) -  We ask that if you child is under the age of 4, they maintain the ability to follow basic instruction and be potty trained.

  • No child will be permitted to play outside of their respected groups.
  • The age groupings are NO different than we have had in the past; however, the reversal of the "U" has made this transition very confusing. Essentially, U7 is the same as the prior 6U, - think of it as "6 is UNDER 7", so rather than "6 AND UNDER", we now say UNDER 7.